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«Do it with passion or not at all»

Do it with passion or not at all. Love once brought me to Zurich, and love for Zurich gave me the zurich_is_beautiful brand on Instagram with thousands of followers.

What started out of pure photographic intention for my city of Zurich has expanded within years into an information channel about Zurich and everything worth experiencing in this unique location.

But the journey has only just begun for me, out of passion for what I do, both professionally and on social media.
My professional path led me through the hotel industry, flight attendant, maître de cabine to 12 years as assistant to the Mayor of Zurich. During this time, I developed a strong affinity for social media.

But also an interest in putting other people and their passion for products and services in the spotlight.

Since 2023, I now have more time, space and focus to devote myself entirely to the topics close to my heart.

Be it with my vast life experience as a keynote speaker on stage, as a convinced brand ambassador for over 50 brands, as a passionate contentent creator / influencer in restaurants, hotels and at events, or for requests for stays in Zurich as a concierge – I can claim to be a profound, proven Zurich connoisseur.

I remain true to my life motto «do it with passion or not at all» – and everyone who comes into contact with me should feel that.

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